Katarina Emma Schapiro | Reference

I was a bit hesitant about the real impact the VR can make, even though I deeply believe that visualization is one of the most powerful ways how to design and constitute the path to desired outcomes.  I though also believe that innovative tools  help us to deepen our human experience.

The process and the experience I have made with Hanka Pulova as my guide at  Jobs 2030 VR lab was quite mind blowing,  literary. It has enabled me in a safe environment to explore, design and play with scenarios of my case so powerfully, so realistically, emotionally and pragmatically at the same time.  It allowed me to play with variety of scenarios and adjust, adapt to my need, my gut feeling.  VR makes quite a profound print in the mind, the imagery and the emotion really ‘stick’  and enable a continuous process ‘on my own’ weeks after I have taken that unexpected trip into my own VR universe. The quality of the guide makes a huge difference.  I was lucky to be accompanied by Hanka. Thank you and good luck on your journey!


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